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reportage n : the news as presented by reporters for newspapers or radio or television; "they accused the paper of biased coverage of race relations" [syn: coverage, reporting]

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From reportage.


  1. the reporting of news, especially by an eyewitness
  2. news or information of general interest that has been reported


reporting of news, especially by an eyewitness
news or information of general interest that has been reported



reporter + -age


fr-noun m
  1. reportage
    Cette chaîne de télé propose de nombreux reportages sportifs.

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Reportage sometimes refers to the total body of media coverage of a particular topic or event, including news reporting and analysis: "the extensive reportage of recent events in x." This is typically used in discussions of the media's general tone or angle or other collective characteristics.
Reportage is also a term for an eye-witness genre of journalism: an individual journalist's report of news, especially when witnessed firsthand, distributed through the media. This style of reporting is often characterized by travel and careful observation.
Literary reportage is the art of blending documentary, reportage-style observations, with personal experience, perception, and anecdotal evidence, in a non-fiction form of literature. This is perhaps more commonly called creative nonfiction and is closely related to New Journalism. The prose of such reporting tends to be more polished and longer than in newspaper articles.


All forms have a common route, being adapted into English in the late 19th century from the French word of the same spelling.
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advice, broadcast journalism, information, intelligence, journalism, news, news agency, news medium, news service, newsiness, newsletter, newsmagazine, newspaper, newsworthiness, press association, radio, telegraph agency, television, the fourth estate, the press, tidings, wire service, word
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